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Download Mandala Explorer (563 KB)


Getting Started

• Unzip the download file,, into its own folder.  The folder will contain the program file, MandalaExplorer.exe; the help file, MandalaExplorerHelp.chm; and a folder called Mandala Explorer Configuration Files.  Unless you choose a different location for saving files, Mandala Explorer does not modify any files outside its own folder.

• Windows 9x, NT, or greater is required.  When displaying a hit-count image (which uses more memory than a regular one) full-screen at a resolution of 1280×1024, the program appears to use about 13MB of memory.

Mandala Explorer version © 2008 by Russell W. Cottrell is freeware.
Donations may be made via PayPal to, any amount.

More information about the Latööcarfian and Icon fractals:

Chaos in Wonderland by Clifford A. Pickover.
New York:  St. Martin’s Press, 1994.

Symmetry in Chaos by Michael Field and Martin Golubitsky.
Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 1995.



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