The Tarot of Ideals

A Rune Script

This is experimental.  It allows you to cast runes (“secrets”) as if written on little pieces of wood, then select them as the ancients may have done.  The basic meaning of each selected rune is displayed below the runes.

Cast the runes, then click the ones that look right:

Tacitus (Germania 10, 98AD):

They attach the highest importance to the taking of auspices and casting lots.  Their usual procedure with the lot is simple.  They cut off a branch from a nut-bearing tree and slice it into strips; these they mark with different signs and throw them at random onto a white cloth.  Then the state’s priest, if it is an official consultation, or the father of the family, in a private one, offers prayer to the gods and looking up towards heaven picks up three strips, one at a time, and, according to which sign they have previously been marked with, makes his interpretation.  If the lots forbid an undertaking, there is no deliberation that day about the matter in question.  If they allow it, further confirmation is required by taking auspices.

The Runes

The Rune Poems