Another Fractal I Ching

This script generates hexagrams using the color data from fractal images of the Zaslavsky web map.

Click the canvas below to draw the image.  You can also drag the mouse while holding the button down, but your computer’s speed may limit the results.  The image is generated using the mouse coordinates together with the system time, so it is unlikely to ever repeat.  You can change the degree of symmetry in the image.  When you get an image that you like, click get hexagram to read the image and generate the hexagram.


get hexagram


You can right-click the canvas to save the image.

Try increasing the canvas size:  200 | 350 | 600 | 1000 (be patient).

and all images will be saved to the gallery below.  (They are not actual image files; you may save them individually if desired.)

Large numbers of images will slow the page rendering; clear the gallery.

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