The Pocket I Ching Oracle

Did you ever wish you could carry the I Ching in your pocket wherever you went?  (Other than on a cell phone?)  Here is a copy of The I Ching Oracle by Nigel Richmond that you can print on half-letter-sized (8.5 × 5.5 inches) or A5 (210 × 148 mm) sheets, fold in half to make a booklet, and put into your pocket.

The version I use is ordered in alternating binary sequence, like the Pang Tong Yao.
New as of 11/28/2015:  the hexagrams are accompanied by their octal (base 8) numbers, which consist of the binary values of the upper and lower trigrams (0-7) as illustrated below.  In addition, each line is accompanied by the octal number of the hexagram produced by changing that line.  Besides making hexagrams easier to look up, the members of each reversed pair are adjacent to each other.  (The original binary version displayed the binary value of the entire hexagram; the octal number is much more useful as it is a simple numeric representation of the trigrams.  This is explained a little more on the flashcards page.  I also made a King Wen version for those who are not ready for binary.)  All versions include an index and lookup table.

The Pocket I Ching Oracle:

half-letter (PDF, 196 KB)
A5 (PDF, 196 KB)

King Wen version:

half-letter (PDF, 240 KB)
A5 (PDF, 252 KB)

Original binary version:

half-letter (PDF, 242 KB)
A5 (PDF, 255 KB)

The I Ching Oracle is a nice, tight translation that lends itself well to a pocket version.  Only the Zhouyi text is included (the hexagram and line texts); it is not meant to be a definitive I Ching reference, more a memory aid in the field.

If you enclose the booklet in an extra sheet or two, they act as a sort of cover, as well as blank pages for recording your readings like a little journal.

The I Ching Oracle © 1985 by Nigel Richmond.
It may be downloaded from
Joel Biroco’s site.

The Pocket I Ching Oracle may be downloaded from
.pdf file © 2015 by Russell Cottrell.
It may be freely distributed.

This book is meant to fit in your pocket.
The pages are ordered in booklet fashion.
Print double-sided on 18 sheets of half-letter-sized (8.5 × 5.5 inches)
or A5 paper (210 × 148 mm) and fold.

Beth Richmond was hoping for a pocket Language of the Lines.  Here it is; it is not as sophisticated, just a reduced version of the hexagram section in booklet form.  And it is not as compact; it needs both pages for each hexagram.  It should print o.k. on 33 sheets of either half-letter or A5 paper.

The Pocket Language of the Lines (PDF, 3.43 MB)

Thank you, Beth Richmond, for your approval and support!
And thanks to Steve Marshall for pointing out that the “foreigners” might prefer an A-sized format.