SMPTE  Film  Leader (synchronizing section)

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The SMPTE film leader script is an animated SVG image that simulates an old-style film leader.
It resizes if the aspect ratio is close to 1, and rotates if the aspect is vertical.
Sound buffering (such as by a graphic equalizer) may delay the beep.
The exact appearance depends on the (sans-serif) font in use.
In the mid-1960s, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) replaced the Academy Leader with a new style, called the SMPTE Universal Leader, designed for both television and theatrical projection applications (though it did not gain widespread acceptance theatrically). It featured a continuous countdown from 8 to 2 (measured in seconds, rather than feet), with the numbers in the center of a target with two white circles and a rotating “clock arm” animation. At the beginning, before the countdown, it features “16 SOUND START” and then “35 SOUND START” in a circle target. Then “PICTURE START” appears and the countdown begins. During the four count, the letters “C C F F” would appear around the countdown, signifying the use of those frames as “control frames.” At 2, a quick beep would be heard, sometimes known as the “2-pop.”

Proposed American Standard Specifications for Leaders and Cue Marks for 35mm and 16mm Sound Motion-Picture Release Prints
January 1965 Journal of the SMPTE Volume 74
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SMPTE Universal Leader Countdown Film Leader Black and White [YouTube]

window aspect ratio: 
(specifications assume 4/3, or 1.333; the Academy ratio is 1.375)

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