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The lunisolar calendar is based on first quarter moons beginning with the one before Yule.  Times are given in Coordinated Universal Time, and local time using your system’s time zone and daylight saving time settings.

When there are 13 first quarter moons between the two Yules, the month of Middle Litha is added between the other two Lithas.

The other moon phases and solar holidays in each month are included for general interest; one might use this information to have a cross-quarter festival on the second full moon after a solstice or equinox, for example.  The cross-quarters are calculated astronomically at the times when the earth is at the 45° points in its elliptical orbit between solstices and equinoxes.

The dates in parentheses are the “universal” first days of the month based on sunset at Greenwich as described below.

This evening will be .

historical sources and further information

Printable .pdf calendars:

2020,  letter | A4

2021,  letter | A4

2022,  letter | A4

Calculations are based on the “higher accuracy” equations in Astronomical Algorithms, second edition, by Jean Meeus, and the full VSOP87 data set.

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