Colorize/HSL .cxf File Generator

A monochrome image may be color toned by converting it to HSL using its own lightness values together with selected hue and saturation values.  This method is sometimes called “Colorize” or “Recolor.”  (When applying this with a Hue/Saturation layer, Hue and Saturation below are the slider values, and Lightness is the value of the underlying image; leave the Lightness or Brightness slider alone.)

Enter HSL value ranges (H 0 to 360°, S and L 0 to 100).  Ranges may be in descending order.  The sign of the increment is insignificant, but it must not be zero.

Hue range:  to , by    
Saturation range:  to , by    
Lightness range:  to , by    

Color Space:    Output:   

Memo (optional): 


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