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Woden's Day, 1 April 2015
06:09:35 Pacific Daylight Time,  3 Chuwen,  4 Wayeb'  in the Mayan long count calendar.

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Photoshop plugins:
Saturation Mask – create a saturation or chroma mask for a hue/saturation layer
Adaptive Histogram EQ – for dramatic contrast or detail enhancement
Very High Radius Unsharp Mask – high radius unsharp mask contrast enhancement for large images
Very High Radius High Pass Contrast – similarly for large images
Fine USM Sharpen – full control over the unsharp masking process:  luminosity mode, halo elimination, very high amounts, and blend ranges
Adaptive Contrast Curve – for adaptive contrast enhancement
Four Channel Saturation – adjust the chroma and vibrance of the four opponent colors independently
For all compatible applications such as PhotoLine or IrfanView.

rotating alpha greek alphabet
Greek font  Aristarcoj version 2  is now available for download.

Latest news: 

A Color-Managed Linux Workflow was uploaded 1/27/2015.

The Windows vs. Linux Zone System calibration page was updated 1/3/2015.

Zone System Calibration with RawTherapee was uploaded 2/2/2014.

The ImageJ plugin Color Transformer 2, and some other color management pages, were uploaded 2/2/2014. was updated 10/7/2013, with instructions for running JavaScript-enabled html documents as smart phone apps on Android 4.

The i1Profiler .cxf Optimization Files page was updated 9/29/2012.

Optical Print Centering was updated 7/9/2012; added mount-to-print area ratio and 1/32 accuracy.

The JavaScript Chessboard was uploaded 4/7/2012.

The Chess960 Numbers Decoded was uploaded 4/6/2012.
Convert to and from Chess960 numbers mathematically, without lookup tables.

The Mayan Long Count Calendar was uploaded,  5 Ok,  18 K'ank'in.

Beyond the Digital Zone System was updated 10/1/2011, with a beginner’s introduction to the digital zone system.

The Russell RGB color space was uploaded 9/10/2011.

The Mobile Zone Calculator was uploaded 8/17/2011.

Run html documents as smart phone apps!  Specific instructions on how to do it on Android at

The Virtual Yarrow Stalks I Ching was updated 7/11/2011.

Visit Optical Print Centering for a Photoshop script that centers an image on the canvas.

Beyond the Digital Zone System was uploaded 5/9/2010.

Optical Print Centering was updated 6/15/2010.  Now sleeker, without using a popup window to display the results.

The Virtual Yarrow Stalks I Ching was uploaded 11/27/08.

Mandala Explorer fractal image generator was uploaded 12/25/07.  It has a number of advanced features including oversampling, histogram equalization, image animation and 3-D rendering.

A new version of the Unicode Range Viewer, and a Unicode surrogate pair calculator and text converter were uploaded 3/30/07.  Internet Explorer 7 now displays characters in UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings.

A new version of the Polytonic Greek Virtual Keyboard was uploaded on on 1/7/07.  Works in Opera as of 3/3/07, with some limitations.

The Unicode Greek fonts page was updated on 12/23/06; it now includes thirty-nine fonts.

See the scorable Mini-Mental State and the Lithium Calculator.

The Greek Number Converter converts numbers to the alphabetic Greek format.

northern CA

Welcome from northern California!  Have relocated to Chico as of 8/05 to work at the V.A. outpatient clinic.  See

The Unicode Range Viewer has been updated to display the upper Unicode ranges above 0xFFFF.

The Unicode Greek fonts page was updated on 10/12/04 to include two more fonts.  See who is linking to the Aristarcoj font.

Audrey's page was added 8/04.

The Photo site was updated on 3/25/04; check out Optical Print Centering and Half Dome--The Motion Picture.

The Greek page guestbook was updated on 12/7/03.  All active server pages are now written entirely with JavaScript.

The mail server was updated to JMail on 11/29/03.  Messages are now sent in HTML format, and a bug was fixed that caused an error if a bad e-mail address was used.  Visit the contact page to try it out.

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