The Tarot of Ideals

A JavaScript Tarot

This version should work with any device, including phones or tablets.

The deck starts out shuffled.  Shuffle it again if you prefer.

Choose a spread.  Some are specific, some are more general.  “Any number of cards” is a little different; you may use it to select cards and mentally assign them to the positions of any spread.

Consider your question or situation, then click cards to select them.

Besides the entire deck, you may use a deck made of trumps (and the fool), or minor suits only.

A significator is optional.  Select a specific card, or choose one from the deck.  (The significator is never reversed, and is not numbered like the other selected cards.)

Because some cards are symmetrical, reversed cards have a margin on top as if they are offset.

shuffle  |  spread:    |    |  significator:    | 

1.  My place in the situation: 
2.  Positive aspects of the situation: 
3.  Negative aspects of the situation: 
4.  What am I doing right? 
5.  What am I doing wrong? 
6.  What should my attitude or response be? 
7.  Where is this headed? 

1.  What am I doing right? 
2.  What am I doing right? 
3.  What do I need to work on? 
4.  What do I need to work on? 

1.  First path – pros: 
2.  First path – cons: 
3.  First path – where is it headed? 
4.  Second path – pros: 
5.  Second path – cons: 
6.  Second path – where is it headed? 

1.  Me: 
2.  The other: 
3.  Facilitating factors: 
4.  Barriers: 
5.  What should my attitude be?