The Tarot of Ideals

A JavaScript Tarot

This version is a little more advanced, but requires a mouse.

The deck starts out shuffled.  Shuffle it again if you prefer.

Consider your question or situation, then click and drag cards to select them.  There are no built-in spreads; you may position the cards however you like.

Right-click, or Ctrl+click, to turn a card horizontal and back.

Besides the entire deck, you may use a deck made of trumps (and the fool), or minor suits only.

A significator is optional.  Select a specific card, or choose one from the deck.  (The significator is never reversed, and is not numbered like the other selected cards.)

Because some cards are symmetrical, reversed cards have a margin on top as if they are offset.

Click the arrows, or , to shrink or grow the space for placing cards.

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