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Photoshop plugins:

For all compatible applications such as PhotoLine or IrfanView.

RC Filters Overview

Adaptive Contrast Curve – adaptive contrast enhancement

Adaptive Histogram EQ – dramatic contrast or detail enhancement

Channel Saturation – adjust the chroma and vibrance of four or six opponent colors independently

Fine USM Sharpen/Deblur – full control over the unsharp masking and deconvolution processes:  luminosity mode, halo elimination, very high amounts, edge masking, and blend ranges

Glamour Blur – selective contrast reduction for portraits

Hue/Saturation Channels – extracts a hue or saturation channel from an RGB image

Retinex – adjust lightness and color based on human vision

RG Color – convert RGB images to the RG color space

Saturation Mask – create a saturation or chroma mask for a hue/saturation layer

Ultimate Hue/Saturation Control – selectively adjust chroma and vibrance

Very High Radius Contrast Mask – contrast masking for large images

Very High Radius High Pass Contrast – high radius high pass contrast enhancement for large images

Very High Radius Shadows/Highlights – a Shadows/Highlights control for large images

Very High Radius Unsharp Mask – high radius unsharp mask contrast enhancement for large images

favicon  An Introduction to Photo Editing with PhotoLine

Little Argyll GUI  The Little Argyll GUI 1.0

Please visit the gallery.

Latest news: has moved to a Linux server as of 9/5/2023
so no more active server pages (.asp). Please pardon our dust!

Ace-High Poker Dice was uploaded 10/20/2023.  Lucky Thirteen Blackjack Dice joined it 11/21/2023.

New Tarot cards as of 10/11/2023.

SVG hexagrams as of 10/8/2023.

The HSL Converter was uploaded 9/5/2023.

The Little Argyll GUI version 1.0 was uploaded 5/4/2023.

Wrap an image around a glass so that it appears rectilinear when viewed straight on.  Uploaded 12/12/2022.

Optical Print Centering was updated 11/17/2022 to be simpler and more interactive.

xyY cross-section and Lab cross-section were updated 9/7/2022.

The RGB-XYZ Matrix Calculator was updated 8/27/2022.

The Gamut Plotter was uploaded 8/18/2022.

A comparison of PhotoLine’s interpolation methods was uploaded 8/2/2022.  It includes a JavaScript Zone plate generator that calculates the width of the outermost zone.

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