Thomas Cottrell in Greene County

The History of Greene County, Ohio, by George F. Robinson, 1902, pp. 287-288:
Cottrell, Daniel, Xenia, 1806.
. . .
Cottrell, Thomas, Sugar Creek, 1820; soldier of 1812; June 9, 1828, married Susanna Ogan.
Cottrell, Lemuel, Sugar Creek, 1820.
Cottrell, Lorenza D., Sugar Creek, 1829; married Mary, daughter of Jacob Darst, removed to Dayton, Ohio.
Cottrell, John, Beaver Creek, 1803.
Cottrell, Wm., Sr., Bath, 1806; died in Bath Township in 1815.
Cottrell, Wm., Jr., Bath, 1807.
Cottrell, Thomas, Bath, 1806; soldier in war of 1812, Captain Shingledecker.
Cottrell, M. D., Bath, 1840.
Cottrell, Lemuel, Silver Creek, 1813; removed to South Bend, Indiana; August 16, 1827, married Fanny Ogan.
Cottrell, Hiram, Silver Creek, 1813; died of Cholera July 20, 1854, buried in Bowersville, Ohio, aged seventy-one.
Cottrell, John C., Silver Creek, 1827, died June 9, 1894, aged sixty-nine, buried at Bowersville, Ohio; married Phebe Wharton.
Cottrell, George B., Silver Creek, 1827; removed to Michigan; September 24, 1828, married Elizabeth Noggle.
Cottrell, Lemuel, Jr., Silver Creek, 1827; removed to Hardin County, Ohio.
Cottrell, Asher B., Silver Creek, 1840; removed to Darke county, Ohio; married to Sarah Shaner, October 4, 1832, by Christopher Hussey, Justice of the Peace.
Cottrell, Obediah, Silver Creek, 1840; removed to Hardin County, Ohio; December 2, 1838, married Minerva Kenney.

Some more references:

"Roster of Ohio Soldiers in War of 1812":
The "Roll of Captain Jacob Shingledecker's Company (From Greene County)" includes Sergt. Thomas Cottrell.
From "Greene Co., Common Pleas Minutes, 1808-1813":
9-30-1813 - Will of Jonathan Westfall proven by oath of Joel Westfall and Thomas Cottrell.  Samuel D. Kirkpatrick, executor.
Entry for Thomas Cottrell--
Marriage Index:  Selected Counties of Ohio, 1789-1850
Married:  June 09, 1828     in:  Greene Co., OH
Spouse:  Ogan, Susannah
Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0534105-0534106.

Here is some correspondence from Vivian Markley, descendant of Holey Cottrell, 1824-1888, of Greene County.  She believes that he was the child of Thomas Cottrell and Sarah Gates.
Thursday 13 November 2003 10:15
I went to the Miami Co Courthouse and Historical library yesterday.  I have a copy of Thomas's deed to the part of the 99 Islands.  He purchased the land from Joseph Hulm March 7 1833 for Thirty dollars and sold it to Joseph R Johns in July 16 1836 for the sum of One Hundred dollars.  According to the John Cottrell of Ky account, Thomas died in 1840 with his wife, the mother of five children dying in 1835.  In the purchase no female is listed.  In the sale, his wife, Nancy is named.  There was a marriage of Thomas Cottrell to Nancy Landre in Miami Co on March 13, 1835.  Considering the ages it is possible that Nancy was widowed also and perhaps she also owned land.  I have no idea but will try to research further.  The 99 Islands were in the Miami River just south of Troy Ohio and the Miami Erie Canal was built through this are from 1825 to 1845.  Joseph Johns was  a large land speculator so most likely bought the land because of the canal.  It might be possible to have had a mill in this area but doubtful as this is a major river and three years would have been a short time to establish a mill with the Dye Mill in close proximity.  If Thomas had a mill it would have been in his younger days, I believe.
Thursday 11 December 2003 05:44
I tried to prove the mill of Thomas Cottrell in Miami Co but could not but the land he purchased could very likely have been for a mill.  He purchased it March 7, 1833 called "part of the 99 islands".  It lays just south of Troy Ohio on the Miami River.  Just got out the deed and Lordy boys, it includes the SAWMLL!!! where he sold it.  I just got that document a few weeks ago and you need a magnifying glass to read it.  I will try to transcribe the whole thing and send it to everyone.
Thursday 11 December 2003 07:05
Did a little searching on some of Russell's leads and found a few interesting sites.  Sawmills and timbering seem to make good partners.  Please understand that these are all longshots but my grandpa was a gambler.  Raised and raced coon dogs and grayhounds.  Farming just was not his game.

Barber's had a sawmill in Pa very early 1726.

Connection of Barber to Bourbon Co KY
Could this part of the Ky connection that brought John to Ky?

Back to 1600, Cottrell, Rice and Barber were prevelent in New England.  Did they migrate south?

This one is definitely interesting. Had to hit the back button to find out exactly where they are talking about.  Greene Co Ohio.  Barber bought a sawmill. - Manufacturing.html