The Polytonic Greek Virtual Keyboard

Allows you to type polytonic Greek with a standard keyboard.

Text entry:   clear | undo | shrink | grow

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The virtual keyboard for Greek text entry:


Diacritics:  typing the following keys will convert the preceding vowel or rho to the combined character with diacritical marks.  For example, type a]/ for ἄ.  Type the letter, then the marks.  Type a mark a second time to remove it.  For capitals, type the breathing before a circumflex.

/acute ]smooth +diaeresis
\grave [rough -breve
=circumflex |iota subscript _macron

Accessory character map:  click to insert one of these characters.

Unicode charts:
U0370.pdf (Greek and Coptic; uncombined and monotonic characters)
U1F00.pdf (Greek Extended; polytonic characters)

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