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Photoshop plugins: 
The Very High Radius Contrast Mask and Very High Radius Shadows/Highlights filters were released in June 2019.
Version 1.202 of four of the filters, with improved masks and speed improvements, were uploaded 6/29/2019.
Fine USM Sharpen/Deblur – full control over the unsharp masking and deconvolution processes:  luminosity mode, halo elimination, very high amounts, edge masking, and blend ranges
Very High Radius Unsharp Mask – high radius unsharp mask contrast enhancement for large images
Adaptive Histogram EQ – dramatic contrast or detail enhancement
Adaptive Contrast Curve – adaptive contrast enhancement
Very High Radius Contrast Mask – contrast masking for large images
Very High Radius Shadows/Highlights – a Shadows/Highlights control for large images
Ultimate Hue/Saturation Control – selectively adjust chroma and vibrance
Channel Saturation – adjust the chroma and vibrance of four or six opponent colors independently
Saturation Mask – create a saturation or chroma mask for a hue/saturation layer
Very High Radius High Pass Contrast – high radius high pass contrast enhancement for large images
Retinex – adjust lightness and color based on human vision
RG Color – convert RGB images to the RG color space
Glamour Blur – selective contrast reduction for portraits
Hue/Saturation Channels – extracts a hue or saturation channel from an RGB image
For all compatible applications such as PhotoLine or IrfanView.

favicon   Beyond the Digital Zone System

favicon   An Introduction to Photo Editing with PhotoLine
A comparison of PhotoLine’s interpolation methods

using curves in PhotoLine
YouTube video series:  Using Curves in PhotoLine, Tools, Techniques

Little Argyll GUI   The Little Argyll GUI 1.0

more color management:  Linux workflow | Argyll color patches
matrix calculator | gamut plotter | visual gamut boundary | xyY cross-section | Lab cross-section
RC ColorChecker Calculator | i1Profiler .cxf optimization files

tools:  optical centering | color sorter | LCh navigator

baryta paper comparison | Color Transformer 2 | Russell RGB | darkroom information
some notes on SilverFast HDR and VueScan Pro | some notes on ScanScience
Adobe lens profiles for Nikon D700

Alan Ross workshop

bibliography and links | Half Dome:  The Motion Picture | contact

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